After sexual assault and idol management scandal, Maho Yamaguchi makes comeback with debut photo book

The sexual assault in December 2018 of Maho Yamaguchi shocked fans and the idol industry, exposing the mismanagement and abuse of the performers in Japan.

Yamaguchi was forced to apologise for the incident but, appalled at the treatment she received by her handlers, quit the Niigata idol group NGT48, which is part of the AKB48 network. The actual assault itself then received a very different kind of treatment: inspiring its own parody adult video release earlier this year starring a former NMB48 idol Risako Okada, who now performs porn under the name Miko Matsuda.

You might be forgiven for thinking that 23-year-old Mahohon (as she is known to fans) would avoid a further career as an idol (music or otherwise), especially one that called for her to sexualize her body.

Instead it seems she is determined now to take control over her flesh and physical appeal, if the preview image from her upcoming photo book is anything to go by. Some have expressed surprise that it is a quite provocative, sexy shot, considering Mahohon’s recent experiences.

maho yamaguchi comeback sexy photo book ngt48 idol japanese mahohon

Yamaguchi’s debut photo book, to be released on her 24th birthday in September, was announced in late July and is her first major professional activity since she graduated from NGT48 earlier in May of this year. Later that month she joined a major talent agency that has several famous actresses on its roster. She would appear intent on using the negative experience of the past few months as a platform to jump up to bigger and better things. Go girl!

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