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Dec 31, 2014

1 of 1 episodes seen

Overall 1
Story 1
Animation 1
Sound 1
Character 1
Enjoyment 1

Anime as a medium is known to cover a vast array of topics and concepts. Every niche group can find their own genre to meet their specific needs, no matter how obscure it may be:

•You like giant robots? there’s mechas

•You like lots of girls on your dick? there’s harems

•You like nakama power? there’s shounens

•You like being mindfucked? There’s Satoshi Kons

But where’s the genre for catholic priests who need a quick fap before bedtime? Those who need to choke the bishop to some tender underdeveloped ass? Well, I have news for you! No longer may the pedo priest suffer in silence. No longer may they

settle for lolitas. For almost like divine providence, they have been blessed with this modern masterpiece, Boku no Pico!

Story: Little Boys/10

Pedophilia…. yup… You’re on a government watch list now.

Art: Vanilla Ice-cream/10

It’s hard to judge the art since I had to look away at 99% of it. But from what I accidentally watched, the catholic priest will be pleased. Also if you’re a masochist, this is an ideal form of self-torture.

Sound: Moaning/10

I can never unhear the moans of a little boy being pleasured, God help me! These moans of ecstasy will forever haunt me! WHATS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!? The only thing I hear now is the cop sirens as the pull up to arrest me.

Character: Molester/10

For some reason, I feel like Jared from Subway has Pico saved on his desktop. After all, he does like to “eat fresh”.

Enjoyment: Psychiatric Help/10

WTF Japan, this is going too far. I could never see vanilla ice-cream the same way again. It’s like a fever dream that creeps up on you from the mere mention of children.

Overall: My Eyes/10

If you want to be scarred for life, and I mean scarred like walking in on your parents having sex, then by all means, go for it. This is the “2 Girls 1 Cup” challenge of the anime community.

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Jan 2, 2015

1 of 1 episodes seen

Overall 10
Story 10
Animation 10
Sound 10
Character 10
Enjoyment 10

“Put it inside me…”


Want to prove your manliness? Look no further, Boku no Pico is the ultimate test.

That’s right. More than anything, Boku no Pico is a test of your masculinity. If you cannot make it through this anime, you can’t call yourself a man, plain and simple, because it takes a real man to do so.

Do not let others judge you for watching this, as it’s a true piece of art. It presents the audience with the strenuous task of watching yaoi child porn for 30 goddamn minutes. It is a grueling, punishing ride, but in the end it leaves you satisfied to

know that you are now virtually invincible, and most importantly a MAN, regardless of what gender you actually identify as.

Story – 10/10

A survival of the fittest. Pico and this pedophile, Tamotsu, have sex for practically the duration of this OVA. There are times where the butt-penetrating funfest takes a rest, but those moments are relatively brief. And that, my friends, is what makes this shit special.

Yes, I will tell you right now that there is a surplus of semen. As both characters slowly ejaculate non-stop, it symbolizes how this show is sapping away at your manhood. If you are weak, mentally and/or physically, you may feel like you want to die. Well, if that is the case, it sucks to be you. I watched the whole goddamn thing, and I will tell you up front, if their semen was water, these two boys would be able to hose out enough to hydrate all of Africa. That shit is like a rain dance, except white and, well, semen.

Don’t like how in-depth I described that? Hah. You are clearly not enough of a man. 8====D~~~~~~~~ motherfuckers.

Art/Animation – 10/10

Did I mention there was semen? Yes, this white, silky substance was drawn and animated to perfection. The amount of detail makes it practically life-like. In fact, everything is drawn and animated so well, I felt like I was watching a live sex tape.

And that realism adds to the torturous feel of the show, and what pushes this into the ‘masterpiece’ tier. You really get the feel that a real, 12 year old boy is for some reason willingly having sex with a (presumably) middle-aged man that he just met. Do not question it. Accept it for what it is. Let the images burn into your eyes. If you make it through with even 1 eye still functioning, then you have passed, and I applaud you.

Sound – 10/10

Similar to the art/animation, this is so realistic you’d think you’re hearing real people getting it on. The orgasmic squeals of Pico, the grunting of Tamotsu, and the splashing sound of the semen, all very realistic. Don’t like it? Well, then obviously you’ve got some work to do on your masculinity.

With all these elements so perfectly done, you may feel like you are losing sight of what’s real and what’s not. You may even be losing sight of who you are yourself. I’ve been there, and there’s nothing else I can say other than it will all be okay. Just stay calm, and breathe. This is all part of the test.

Character – 10/10

Both the main characters, who practically take all of the screen time in this OVA, have one goal in mind: penetrate, and detonate. In goes the bone, and out comes the fertilizing fun. It may seem simple to all of you who are reading this, but boy does it have a hidden complexity to it.

At this point I really don’t feel like I need to explain it. It’s just superb how well done this is.

Enjoyment – 10/10

You better believe I enjoyed it. Thanks to this anime, I now feel I am immune to all and any hentais force me to watch. Like bro, that shit ain’t got no effect on me anymore. Moreover, I feel like Terry Crews in older Old Spice commercials, who I feel is the embodiment of what it is to be a man, especially with his voluptuous dancing pecs. Yeah, you don’t fuck with someone who has the balls to watch all of Boku no Pico.

Overall – 10/10

Watching this in it’s entirety is a tall task for sure, but it’s all worth it in the end my friends.

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Oct 3, 2010

1 of 1 episodes seen

Overall 6
Story 4
Animation 8
Sound 8
Character 6
Enjoyment 9

On the surface of things, Boku No Pico is nothing more than a very well animated shota with lots of sex scenes. But it’s what lies beneath, what goes unsaid that makes this a somewhat disturbing OVA, more so than the following two episodes that also feature Pico.

There is no romanticism in this OVA, which is odd, considering the content. Mokkun, a somewhat bland character, sees Pico and ends up having sex with the underaged boy. He brings Pico around slowly, taking him out for ice cream, giving him blowjobs in the car, then finally bringing him around to his apartment. What creeps me out

is the realism involved here…they don’t fall in love. There are no roses. Instead there’s a guy who seems to have little or no social life or girlfriend obsessing over a pretty boy. To the point where he dresses the boy up as a girl and even compares him to one. Pico likes the attention and (after the initial shock) the sex. It brings to mind stories of teachers having sex with their young children that you see in the news from time to time. I watch this anime and think…this could happen, no, this has happened to people. Not all cases of pedophiles are brutal rapes. Mokkun is neither presented as a bad guy or a good guy. He is not madly in love with Pico nor does he treat him badly, nor is it clear if he is manipulating the boy or simply lonely and desperate.

Pico too is a mystery. He is staying with his grandfather, for the summer if I remember correctly. The man seems old and disinterested in Pico and more than happy to let a completely strange man take his grandson out for long periods of time. If we consider the ending, which takes place at night on the beach…where is the grandfather!?

Of course, I’m not trying to say this is anything but shota porn, no. Merely that it stands out to me because of its stark realism. Compared to other yaoi, and even to its own sequels (Pico to Chico and Pico x Coco) Boku no Pico stands out awkwardly. It’s clear Pico loves Mokkun much more than Mokkun loves him and the ending scene where Pico turns his innocent blue eyes towards the audience (facing Mokkun) and says ‘I love you’ always haunted me.

There are no roses and flowers in this OVA, no love, no happy ending. Just a brief glimpse into the life of a man and his lover, who happens to be a boy. The series takes its time showing scenery and building up to the sex scenes, all the while playing the disturbing call of cicadas. Had there been better character development, more story and more purpose, this could have been quite the interesting anime.

Overall, enjoyable as shota, but with the slightest sense of something not right going on underneath the surface. I can’t even go so far as to say it glorifies pedophilia or rape…just presents it. Boku no Pico is an anime that does not judge, merely shows.

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Apr 25, 2013

1 of 1 episodes seen

Overall 3
Story 3
Animation 6
Sound 0
Character 4
Enjoyment 2

Oh god here goes, I seriously hope no one I know in real life finds out I saw this show, let alone reviewed it.

Boku no Pico is the “Two girls one cup” of anime. It’s gained some viral popularity mainly through its pure shock value for those not expecting it. It’s also occasionally described as “the worst anime of all time” by fairly popular reviewers such as Arkada and HoldenReviews however they provided little information as to what it is actually about. As such I watched it with no context as to its actual content, just to see what everyone was on about.

To make this crystal clear to those who are not aware this is Shoutacon Hentai, meaning it is animated homosexual pedophilic pornography (for art purposes only according to the show :P). Around 60% of the run-time of the episode is purely sex scenes.

The relationship between the two characters is creepily believable and realistic. The older man seems lonely and in denial about his bisexuality, even going so far as to dress Pico up as a girl, he never acknowledges he feels any romantic attraction to him or that the relationship exists for anything other than his own sexual satisfaction. Pico on the other hand is clearly infatuated with him.

But perhaps the most disturbing thing about this show is the same reason I can’t give it a 1 even though I have no interest in yaoi. This isn’t some shitty dojinshi, the animation is of the same standard you’d expect from an average anime of its time. It’s even complete with an opening and soundtrack. So this cannot have been cheap to produce and judging by the fact that multiple sequels were made it may also have been a financial success. What I’m getting at is that a lot of people were actually willing to PAY for this.

The show really isn’t all that bad at achieving it’s intended purpose but there are really only a couple of reasons to watch this, if you are genuinely entertained by shoutacon hentai. To troll your friends, or just to know what the hell everyone is going on about when they talk about this show.

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