First ever Tenga official vending machines open in Sapporo

Tenga has produced some of Japan’s, if not the world’s, best sex toys. As a brand, it already has its own stores. And now Tenga finally has its own vending machines. (The Tenga Egg vending machine once spotted in Nakano Broadway, Tokyo, was apparently not an official vendor.)

Anyone now with an urge to buy a Tenga product 24 hours a day and get it right away can do so.

The only catch is that these vending machines are in Sapporo, Hokkaido — in the far north of Japan.

For reasons known only to the sales team at Tenga, the Apple of the Adult Industry has opted for a regional city rather than Tokyo. Surely these vending machines would be a big hit and viral success in Akihabara or Shinjuku? Perhaps there are local ordinances that we don’t know about, making it harder to sell adult products from unmanned facilities in Tokyo. Or perhaps the Sapporo Tenga shop has been particularly successful.

tenga vending machines sapporo japan hokkaido first ever

tenga vending machines sapporo japan hokkaido first ever

tenga vending machines sapporo japan hokkaido first ever

The vending machines opened on August 1st in Chuo ward, Sapporo. There are three machines, discreetly housed inside. You have to be 18 or older to make a purchase, which you proof by scanning your driver’s license.

Products on sale at the branded red vending machines include the Tenga Cup series of onacups, the Tenga Spinner, and Tenga Men’s Charge sexual energy drink. Of course, these are all available from regular drug stores in Japan or online, but sometimes you just need your Tenga ASAP.

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