Lolicon Saga | Manga –

Overall 6
Story 6
Art 7
Character 5
Enjoyment 6

One thing I must congratulate this manga for. It actually exceeded the expectations I got when I read the title. Lolicon Saga is NOT borderline ecchi and it’s is NOT one of those mangas you feel like you’re committing a sin just by reading it.

We start with an introduction of the city and main characters. The city is a place where all women were turned into lolis and the men living must have a bizarre “Good Lolicon” license. It is then that the BAD lolicon appear and start causing mischief around, trying to steal all the lolis from them. It’s time for our three

main characters to kick their asses and restore peace to… Lolitania or something. Weirdly enough the manga actually has a story, though most of the actual story only happens in the last chapter. Still, that last chapter was a lot of fun and actually makes this manga more enjoyable than it would be without it.

The characters ARE annoying a lot of the times, mostly the Shoujo Ai jokes that are going around between the trio. Once in a while it manages to throw a kind of funny joke, but don’t expect it to be that frequent. The main characters are also quite cliched, we have the warrior girl, the moe girl and the “one who looks worthless but actually has a secret potential” girl.

The art is… normal. Honestly, there isn’t much I can say about it. It’s not bad, it’s just so standard it blends with all the other mangas who’s art I don’t care.

All in all, Lolicon Saga is a tad annoying with their unfunny jokes and cliched characters… BUT with only six chapters and a somewhat interesting story, I still recommend to check out if you look at the title and, like me, was curious enough to want to know what this is about or was just looking for a random manga to read for a bit and are not worried about being mediocre.

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