Makoto Shinkai hit anime Weathering with You inspires adult parody

Japanese porn and adult parodies are apparently getting faster and faster.

The new Makoto Shinkai anime, Weathering with You, is still in movie theaters and dominating the Japanese box office.

Masturbation With You is an “ejaculation app” whose name and design shamelessly parodies the Shinkai film (天気の子 vs. 天気のマ●コ). The publicity image shows a porn star (can anyone help us identify her?) fingering herself furiously in the center, or preparing to munch on a dildo or squeeze her nipples in the other pictures.

As far as we can tell, this is currently just a concept, a mock-up made by someone with too much time on his hands during the rainy season, and now doing the rounds on a certain section of Japanese social media.

manko no ko weathering with you parody adult masturbation shinkai makoto anime

Given the anime’s original Japanese title — Tenki no Ko (literally, Weather Child) — perhaps a better parody is Tenga no Ko (Child of Tenga)? That title could certainly apply to a fair few people we know!

Shinkai’s previous film, Your Name., also inspired its own adult parodies: both an onahole (and even a second one!) and porn release.

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