Muramata-san No Himitsu 1-3 (“Muramata-san’s Secret”) [English, 85 pictures: the story is now COMPLETE!], by Igumox

Oh, Igumox, you hentai genius, you're awesome

Okay, my bad. What I shared 9 months ago, under the same “Muramata-san No Himitsu” title, was only the first of 3 parts making the entire Muramata-san No Himitsu story.
And now, all 3 parts have been scanlated :)

So, ready to dive in vanilla? It’s one of those mangas that warm your soul, that give you a smile of happiness as you share the mirth of the characters, a manga focused on mutual love, mutual care, mutual understanding, on this thing I call “building bridges between souls” because I simply don’t find better, proper words… The best WAFF vanilla there is, simply said :)

The story is about two office workers (I’d say they’re around 25?), just colleagues at the beginning, and soon enough, lovers. The woman’s got something rare, a split tongue, from weird teenage ideas long behind her, because of that she doesn’t truly show her smile to anyone… Except, soon, to her beloved :)
In addition to the natural joy of being finally accepted without having to hide your face, the vanilla part, it also allowed nice sexual variations that I’ll let you imagine :twisted:

The drawings are excellent, generous, full of talent, hats off! But honest warning, whiteout censorship in the first 2 chapters, mosaics in the 3rd, it’s sad, sob.
Enough said. ENJOY, my dear fellow pervs, and thanks a lot to Bloodfever, Chipsss, Nora, Iiko and Rotoscopic, that was a fine job they did :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Boku Dake No Yuuyami (“Only My Twilight”, 205 pictures), Backstage, Sobaya No Haru-san and Atashi No Kachi.

Read the rest of : Muramata-san No Himitsu 1-3 (“Muramata-san’s Secret”) [English, 85 pictures: the story is now COMPLETE!], by Igumox (189 words)

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